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Why to Visit Puka Beach

Why to Visit Puka Beach

With no hesitation, Boracay Island definitely helped a lot in the tourism industry of the Philippines. Aside from the famous long white beach, Boracay Island has more beautiful beaches to offer. More beautiful beaches to be popular as well in no time. With its traditional white sand, these white beaches are the gems that serves a huge part in the existence of the Island as of today. One of these beaches is the Puka Beach.


Located on the Northern part of the Island, Puka Beach is one of Boracay’s secluded and beautiful beaches.The sands here is not that powdery. It is mixed with crushed puka shells. Waves are stronger and the water gets deeper quickly compared in the white beach. This is ideal for people who are looking for a much more challenging swimming time. There’s a long line of souvenir shops that will welcome you on your way in.


Aside from these,why visit Puka Beach?


1. Quiet. This area is more serene compared to the white beach. Though this beach has no entrance, fewer people go here. There’s no fancy restaurants or bars in the area. Yet, there are some restaurants that cooks fresh seafood to order. Also, you can enjoy the magnificent sunset, undisturbed!


2. Flying Foxes. There’s a big cliff with forest alongside. Here, you may be able to see big fruit bats at twilight. Flying freely across the cliff, these animals live in this tropical Island.


3. Puka Shells. The name Puka Beach is derived from Puka shells. There are plenty of these shells in this area. Locals are making and selling different kinds of accessories and any other souvenirs made from Puka Shells. It is believed that people wearing jewelries made from puka shells will not be harmed in a long journey.

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