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Boracay in Low Season

Boracay in Low Season

Boracay’s white beachfront is not always a picture perfect as it seems when the wind changes and blow east towards it. During this time, Boracay is in its low season and wettest months, June to October. People think that traveling during this season is a gamble as they might end up wasting their money. Well, you might reconsider as traveling in low season has advantages.

As people tend to travel on dry season, the low season has definitely a lesser demand that results in having a lot of good deals. We are not only talking about the accommodation, but also the activities. If you are worrying that the activities are not best for this season as the east wind blows hard in the beachfront, you got it wrong. The activities are being transferred at Bulabog Beach so you can still have your island adventures.

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of your city life, want to unwind, consider yourself as a crowd-hater (strong word), then the low season is the best for you as the island is more peaceful in this times. Most people love chasing the sun and when they do research about the best time to go to Boracay, surely search sites will suggest the dry months. Low season’s weather is not that terrible as you think, it is just that rain and typhoons are mostly present in this season, you can get sunshine but it is a matter of luck.

It is also a great time for family retreats since the island has a lesser crowd. The low season might be the best time for you to spend your family outings and get together as both accommodation and activities will be in its best deals.

See? Scheduling a vacation on the low season in Boracay is not always a bad idea. Sometimes, you have to think about the underlying advantages that it has to offer!

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