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Seasons in Boracay

Seasons in Boracay

From transportation to activities, restaurants to resorts, one of the things that also needs to be considered when going to Boracay is the weather. Of course, most of the people enjoy the beach when the sun is soaring high. They can just relax in their beach mattresses under the sun all day. They can also try some extreme water/island activities.

Boracay has its typical tropical climate, as mentioned in my other blogs, it comprises of two seasons. One is Amihan which is the high season and the other one is the Habagat which is the low season. Amihan covers from November to May, while Habagat runs from June to October.

During high season with the northeast monsoon wind blowing is no doubt the most visited season. The Island during this time is hot and dry. Perfect weather in soaking up to the island’s cold crystal clear water. So much of the Island activities can be tried. So many places can be visited with no rain hassle.

Habagat season with southwest monsoon wind entering the region can bring thunderstorms and heavy rains, but no worries because Boracay can still be enjoyed by doing indoor activities like visiting a massage shop, go shopping and look for more “pasalubong”, or by just simply digging in some of your favorite foods at the best restaurants in the Island. Though downpours for Low Season in Boracay are usually short, stormy weather at this period is still inevitable. Since climate change has been rampant for years, short rainfalls can still occur until the end of December.

Since there are two seasons experienced in the Island, there are also 2 entrance and exit ports used depending on the weather/season. During Amihan, entrance used is the Caticlan Jetty port and the exit used is the Cagban Jetty Port (Boracay) . With the Habagat, entrance is at the Tabon Jetty Port and exit is at the Tambisaan Jetty Port (Boracay) as these areas are protected from the strong wind.

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