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Top Restaurant in Boracay

Top Restaurant in Boracay

Food is life as they say. Food maintains life and growth. Food can comfort one’s soul. It is part of our daily living that can never be removed. Why not make your eating time the best one with the best foods? What makes it more perfect is the place where you will decide to eat.


Aside from its white sands and gorgeous sunset, Boracay is also home for best restaurants and delicious foods. So what is travelling to Boracay without tasting the best foods? What is visiting Boracay without visiting the best restaurants? Here, we collected some of the best restaurants to guide you when you take your journey to the Island of Boracay.


1. Dos Mestizos

This Spanish themed restaurant serves Filipino-Castilian dishes. They also offer Seafood, Mediterranean, European, and Spanish cuisine which the people who visit the restaurant truly admire. This Restaurant is also vegetarian friendly. With its simple and straight to the point menu, this restaurant captures the heart of both locals and foreigners. This restaurant is located in Station 2 of the island.


2. Nonie’s Restaurant

This restaurant focuses on healthy meals from the freshest ingredients. While most of the restaurants in the Island already serves healthy food, this restaurant offers a full menu of healthy and nutritious foods. This made the fast-growing health conscious community really happy. The green environment of this restaurant also attracts the guests. Enjoy nourishing dishes in Station 2!


3. Sunny Side Café

This restaurant offers breakfast or brunch. Be delighted with its Filipino and American cuisines while appreciating the beautiful view of white beach in Station 3. They also have special variety of coffees. The yellow and bright ambiance gives so much good vibes to start your day!


4. Lemoni Café

Located in the middle of D’mall Boracay, this restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with seafood and other international dishes. They also offer several Filipino dishes. Their pastries and desserts are must to try. They also have their own bakery where they supply their own products in other restaurants. From fruit smoothies to wines, this open and breezy restaurant just have them all.


5. Smoke

Who said you can’t have good food for a low price? This Family-styled Filipino restaurant serves authentic Filipino dishes which foreigners are also fond of eating. They also have vegan options too! Great food plus reasonable price plus cozy place in D’mall, what more can you ask for?

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