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What’s new in Boracay Island

What’s new in Boracay Island

Philippines renowned island for its crystal clear blue waters, gorgeous sunsets, powdery white sand, and the wild parties, Boracay, was previously closed for 6 months (April 26, 2018 to October 25, 2018) to make way for the island’s rehabilitation. We all might wondering ‘what’s new’ or ‘what really happened after the closure?’. Well, to answer this, here are the things you need to know about the new Boracay Island or should we call BORACAY 2.0.

  • Strict entry is imposed. Tourists are required to present hotel reservation vouchers upon entering the island. You are only allowed to book from a Department of tourism accredited hotels. No accredited hotel voucher means no entry.

  • Widened Road with sidewalks. Road construction is still ongoing, however, the changes are already commendable. Along the road are red-brick sidewalks with PWD ramps.

  • Demolish and comply. A lot of hotels went through the process of demolition in order to comply and get their permits to operate. Now, there are fewer hotels that are allowed to accommodate guests compared before the closure.

  • More relaxing beach and environment. The easement of 25 meters + 5 meters from the shoreline was successfully implemented. This means people can now relax on the wide beach without the structures and beach beds just the pure blinding white sand.

  • Cleaner Beaches. Bulabog beach prior to the island’s rehabilitation is not a good spot for swimming, unless you do kite or windsurfing. The levels of bacteria found in Bulabog Beach were high which could have been dangerous for the human health, but you do not have to worry that was before the closure. Now, tourists can dipped in Bulabog Beach all day long.

  • Reclaimed wetlands. If you’ve been to Boracay, you already know about the stinky water of Lake Town which is in front of D’mall. Together with the other reclaimed Boracay wetlands, Lake Town’s progress is the most visible as it is in the center of the island. It has now red-brick pathways with growing plants. You will now stroll the area without the foul smell of the water.

  • Boracay is no longer a party-island. Well, there are still parties inside bars. But, know that prior to the island’s closure, Boracay is considered as a top destination for raving parties from dusk till dawn and one of its biggest events is the Laboracay. After its closure, Local Government of Malay will not allow any parties on the beach, Laboracay is no exception. #Laboracay is now called #LoveBoracay. The activities on #LoveBoracay are promoting and celebrating the love for the island. Parties are still present but on the other corners of the island like in Lake Town and Bulabog.

Boracay’s complete rehabilitation is still on its way and  those are just a glimpse of what is new in Boracay. Nevertheless, tourists even the residents are already happy with the progress. Come, see and experience it for yourself!

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