White Beach Station 3 is commonly called old Boracay by locals and long-standing ex-pats. If you're wanting a quiet refuge, Station 3 is probably where you should consider staying. A lot of native resorts and quieter at night.

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Sespene Boracay located in Station 3 in the famous beach of Boracay catering to your hardware needs concentrating on piping, electrical, home repairs and more!

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The PCGA is committed to support and assist the PCG in the promotion of safety of life and property at sea, the protection of the marine environment and its resources, the conduct of maritime search and rescue, the maintenance of aids to navigation,…

Enhanced life safety through automated alerting to command center when an individual’s heart rate exceeds a pre-defined safety threshold (high or low). Automated incident reporting in Lifeguard, with first responder alert workflows.

Boracay police station which serves to accommodate police officers and other members of staff. Serve Fast Security to the Island.

The resort has nine rooms they call Fan Room. These rooms are cooled by the breeze generated by electric fans. One will feel the al fresco atmosphere of a tropical paradise. The Fan Room has each own bathroom with hot/cold shower facilities. The…

Bamboo Beach Resort Boracay, If you think inexpensive resort can’t have outstanding service and a prime location, Bamboo Beach Resort a 30 years in business which started 1985 will surprise you. Here, staying at an easily accessible location and…

ABLE Design & Prints is one of the graphic design and advertising agency that provides state of the art and design and visual arts in the Island of Boracay.

Yanniks Tattoo Studio started in 2005 and eventually turned a hobby/personal interest into business and formally opened shop in Boracay Island Philippines.

Subo Boracay is the brain (and love) child of passionate traveler, entrepreneur, antiques collector and the champion behind the successful Happy Planet chain of boutiques (formerly a bespoke furniture and home accessory chain called Lonely Planet)…

Lmj Salon Boracay offers cutting and styling, hair color, highlights, balayage and ombre, straightening, perming, hair treatments, nails, hand and foot care, waxing, hair and makeups, gluta gold drip hair-braid and dreadlocks, microblading, pamper…

On a stretch of fine white sand, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and a riot of flowers, Asya Premier Suites Boracay is where the world stands still.

Mandala Spa Boracay is more like a country estate than a spa, with villas dotted around its luxuriant grounds and a hushed, open-air vestibule…

the Boracay Island boutique hotel that offers you award-winning luxury on White Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Perfect for families, couples and honeymooners, weddings and events, our luxury hotel Boracay Philippines has…

Resort Hotel & Convention Center

Paradise Garden Boracay Services You’ll find that there are a lot of things to do while at Paradise Garden Resort. Here’s what to explore and visit during your stay at our Boracay accommodation.

Gusto Y Gustos boracay drop by for lunch and Enjoy great tasting sandwiches, grillers, and fish and chips. We also offer a wide selection of breads and pastries for you and your friends to snack on. See what you like and visit us to make an order

Nagisa Japanese Cuisine Boracay offers a great variety of dishes and regional specialties. Available in rice dishes, seafood dishes, noodle dishes, nabe dishes, meat dishes and more.. plus enjoyed are healthy and yummy ice cold coffee that can break…

Nonie’s Boracay, our vision is to be a destination for delicious food and beverages that are both healthy and sustainable.

Villa Caemilla Restaurant is a beachfront property situated in the less populated area of White Beach. Designed for complete affordable luxury, you can be assured that we got your needs covered.

Calypso Beach Resort is located on the world-famous White Beach of Boracay Island in the heart of the Philippines archipelago.