Tambisaan is the only beach in Boracay that has a large amount of marine life. It’s great for snorkeling. To get to the marine life, walk about one third along the beach and then swim about 25 meters into the bay. The best time to visit is during high season, with little wind.

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BLTMPC cooperatives across the country to already make that switch to safer, cleaner, more convenient, and more reliable modernized PUVs.

Feliness Resort Boracay is a beachfront accommodation in Tambisaan Beach, away from the busy white beach and D’Mall area. Feliness is at the Eastern side of Boracay Island were the famous snorkeling site and the famous crocodile island is very…

Boracay Tourist Information Hotline 24/7 Official Launch! Boracay Better Than Ever!

Happy’s Homestay Boracay is a great spot for a beach getaway or a perfect home away from home. Located in the heart of Tambisaan, Boracay, this homestay offers an intimate and cozy atmosphere in a beautiful area surrounded by vibrant green foliage…